In your Profit Activator 3, you have a list of people who enquired about something. They raised their hand and downloaded your free guide, book, or report. Here, your job is to find out who is your 5-star prospects by starting a conversation with them. How do you get the ball rolling?

Here’s how I do it…

First, I immediately send them a message telling them where to download their thing. Nothing complicated, just a simple… “Here’s your copy of the Winter Haven Real Estate Prices guide. “…along with a download link. Then, the following day, I send a short message designed to engage in a dialogue with them.

For the Winter Haven example above, the second message would be… “Hi, Paul. Welcome aboard. Are you an investor or looking for a house to live in?” Notice how informal and short the second email is? That’s intentional.

The message does two things:

First, because it’s short and non-threatening, the reader is COMPELLED to reply. Their reply gives me an idea of what that person’s looking for and how to shape the conversation towards their next step. But most importantly, it serves as a sorting question for me.

All of these 9-word emails I send out follow the same principle. And even if they seem like there’s no thought or effort put into creating them… I already know what the next step is going to be before I write the first word down. Next time you decide to write a conversation starter, do this exercise first:

Imagine that when somebody downloads your free report… as soon as they press the submit button… they’re magically transported into your office. Now they’re standing right there at the door.

  • What do you say to them?
  • How does that conversation go?
  • What would be valuable for you to know about them?

Spend an hour or more just thinking about this interaction and make notes. Plan the whole thing from the first question until they’re ready to buy. You’ll see, the right words will come. And they’ll sound as effortless and conversational as they do in the Winter Haven example.

What’s more, when you plan the whole thing out… and go through all the likely scenarios… You end up with all the possible next steps lined up for your prospects, no matter what their “opening move” is. You don’t just randomly ask questions anymore. Now, you have a script you can follow and know exactly where it’s headed.

And if they are your 5-star prospects?

The conversation ends up with a mafia offer they can’t refuse 😉

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