I read a book called ‘ Willpower Doesn’t Work’  by Benjamin Hardy recently. And right in the first couple of pages, it says (paraphrasing)…

Willpower is for people who haven’t decided what they actually want in their lives. If you’re required to exert willpower to do something, there’s an obvious internal conflict. Which means, the “why” is not big enough or the “why” hasn’t overtaken your internal desire for whatever the alternative is.

Now, think about it.

How many times have you decided to change something about your life… maybe a new diet, more exercise, reduce social media, start a new business or whatever, but you found it hard to follow through? And it wasn’t so much the change that was causing the struggle. It was those ‘cheat’ days you weren’t willing to give up that ruined everything, right?

You see, there’s an amazing difference between being 100% committed to something and 98% committed to something. It’s always that 2% that will require 98% of your willpower. And that’s why most people fail. However, there’s one way to stop relying on your willpower and guarantee results.

Because here’s the thing;

All of the struggles with willpower can be trumped  if you establish the right environment.

It’s the environment that really shapes everything for us. And you know why?

One word: Convenience.

We’re all driven by convenience. Yes, we’re compelled to run away from pain and seek pleasure. But above all, we’re going to do what’s most convenient. Even if it’s bad for our health, bank account or whatever. Remember this: Convenience is the most underrated power in the world. Just look at Amazon. Can you imagine any other business banking on convenience more than Amazon? That’s why it’s thriving so much.

And so, when you look at your Profit Activator Five, and think about what would be the dream come true experience for your ideal prospect. You also need to think about this:

What would be the most convenient for them?

What could you do if they just got out of their way and let you do it? And what kind of environment could you create that would make it impossible for them to fail?

Because that’s what really creates results for your prospects. And it doesn’t require you to rely on their willpower.

Jill Harrington and I continue this line of thought over on the podcast.