Most people use their podcasts as a tool for lead generation.

But in reality…

A podcast is a much better lead conversion mechanism, perfect for your Profit Activator 3.

What is the best podcast “type” for that?

Something I call a “Contentimonial”: A success-story testimonial packaged into a podcast show.

Think about it…

Nothing is more potent than showcasing REAL people having success implementing your stuff. It’s the reason why testimonials work so well. When you demonstrate… week after week… how to apply your system to all these different situations… And your prospects can listen in and identify with it… That becomes an amplifier for you and a cornerstone for all your content.

I discovered that people will never run out of their appetite for hearing about what you have to say when the topic is about them, but still far enough so they can’t connect all the dots ultimately.

Take my More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast…

There are infinite ways the 8 Profit Activators can be applied to. And I’m never going to get close enough to any particular listener’s situation that they’re going to think,

That’s it… well almost…Head on to the podcast for more.