Here’s the thing about consumer awareness guides… If you’re using them in your Before Unit, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of (pun intended):

First of all, they’re a lead conversion tool.

Someone may pick up a consumer awareness guide when they’ve already decided to enroll their kid into a hockey club. It’s that last step before they pick up the phone… when they just want to make sure they know everything there is to know about hockey clubs, who are the best coaches… and get the best of the best for their kid.

But if they don’t even know that their 5-year-old son might like ice skating… a consumer awareness guide won’t suddenly make them think, “Great. Let’s get this guide in case Johnny decides he wants to play hockey in a year or two.” That’s why if you’re using a consumer awareness guide as a lead magnet, you’ll get poor results: They do a terrible job compelling invisible prospects to raise their hand.

But you know what is extremely compelling as a lead magnet?

Neutral valuable information.

The best-performing lead magnets are the ones that offer something of value and feel neutral. Such as a market data report. Or a book about some end goal your prospects want. And the second thing you need to be aware of when using a consumer awareness guide is…

You have to be careful for it to NOT come across as “Here are seven reasons why you should buy from me.”

This means, even if you plan on using it in your Profit Activator 3, you still have to ensure it doesn’t end up being a pure sales pitch. Here’s the thing: The awareness guide is most valuable (and effective) when you use it as an educational tool.

And you know why?

Because by the time your prospect is reading it, in their mind, you’re already their only choice for that next step they’re about to make.

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