Do you know what the real beauty of 8-Profit Activators is? They are universally present. They’re in every business. Whether you consciously recognize them and do something to affect those numbers… Or they’re just lying dormant, and you don’t even notice them.

The thing is, every business has these exact same 8 points of leverage to massively boost their bottom line. You can be a chiropractor, a realtor, or a grocery store owner. It doesn’t matter. You can take the same blueprint and overlay it with your business. You’ll see exactly where those 8-Profit Activators are.

People get amazed the first time they see it. Even just the concept of the Before, During and After Units sends off all kinds of lightbulb moments. But unless you track and measure everything you do and know what the standard metrics are… what you should strive for… you can’t tell how much money you’re leaving on the table.

Take the After Unit, for example.

The metric to look out for is the Return On Relationship. Meaning how many repeat and referral transactions you got from the clients you have in the past year. That number, the percentage of that, is what I call your Return On Relationship.

When you know that the gold standard is 20% annual yield, but your number is only 10%… you’re missing out! And your big opportunity is in improving that one thing. You can clearly see that you should concentrate on improving your back end instead of chasing more leads on the front end. Because that’s where your low-hanging fruit is.

One of the reasons behind More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast is to make you aware that such a “blueprint” exists (The other one is… I just love having these conversations!) Once you see the unifying thread through all these different businesses, hear all the ways you can apply these same 8 Profit Activators and realize what your numbers should really be…

You start connecting the dots. At some point, an idea you hear mentioned for a completely unrelated industry will make you go: “Wow! I can totally see how that would work for me!”

And that is my “secret” agenda behind all of this: To get your momentum going. 😉