You can have any kind of business you want, and you can be passionate about anything you want… but… If you want to turn your thing into a successful venture, it all comes down to one thing: How do you tie in what you’re doing to the appropriate eight Profit Activators?

For example:

Say, you’re in real estate and strongly believe in green and sustainable energy.

Now, when you’re thinking about your Profit Activator One… when you’re selecting your single target market, you need to look at it as an intersection between people who are attracted to the energy efficiency idea and people who are thinking about buying a house.

Because otherwise, if you go after everyone who’s a home buyer, your energy-efficient homes won’t make too much of a difference. They won’t be a compelling differentiator for those prospects. This also means that in your Profit Activator Two, when you start thinking about how to make your prospects raise their hand, you have to figure out what these people are actually looking for.

What would be a checklist of things that constitutes an energy-efficient home? If somebody came to you and said, “Listen, we really want energy efficiency. That’s a really high priority for us,” what would be the boxes they’re looking for a house to tick?

And then, in your Profit Activator Eight, when you’re communicating with your existing clients and orchestrating referrals, your message becomes something like this: “If you hear somebody talking about buying a home and they’re concerned about energy efficiency, give me a call or text me and I’ll get you our list of top 10 energy efficient homes published every week… etc.”

Because here’s the thing

At the end of the day, you’re running a business. It’s not enough to just be, “Oh, we’re green, and we support the home efficiency and all this stuff, and by the way, we do real estate too.

People won’t connect the dots by themselves. The only way you can start gathering the right people who believe in the same causes as you do is when you help them connect those dots, creating an intersection between what you’re passionate about and your business…

And that will set the context for the relationship you have with your audience.

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