Let me ask you something: How would you like it if you had virtually no competition in your niche? If you had the monopoly? Imagine it: You’re the only plumber in London. Or, you’re the only real estate agent in Winter Haven…or… the only electrician in Orlando… How great would that be? I mean, literally, your phone would never stop ringing, right?

Now, the interesting thing is… when it comes to service businesses, you kind of already have that monopoly.

It’s true. The moment you’re at your customer’s house fixing that boiler, say, you become their incumbent plumber. And it doesn’t matter how many plumbers were in that house before you. Just the fact that you’re the last one your client is interacting with (providing you do a good job), you now become “The Guy.”

Because here’s the thing

People want to grant somebody a monopoly. People want to have their plumbing, their HVAC situations, and their whatever handled. The fact is, people want to have “the guy” that takes care of things when they break down. We all do… you, me… we all want to have that peace of mind. But the reality is most service providers are only ever focused on the next thing, the next deal, the next new client… to realize what a gold mine they’re already sitting on.

And that is, their After Unit is literally a “competition-free market.”

Now get this

In the last 36 months, I have replaced three air conditioning units and two air handlers… and not once did any of the people servicing those units ever communicate with me again. This is a shame, really, because I already know that this next season, I’m going to have to replace yet another air conditioning unit at my office.

Now, I’m not holding my breath that any of those electricians will contact me ever again. But I can guarantee you that if they would, I’d joyfully hire them again on the spot. Why? Because I already KNOW them and TRUST they’re going to do a great job.

Now think about it… when was the last time you communicated with your past customers? Checked up on them with a short 9-word email? Because that’s marketing too, you know. It’s counterintuitive, for sure. But that’s why you won’t find many of your competitors doing it…

You know, most people never think of their After Units as marketing. Take advantage of that, and you’ll operate in a competition-free market 😉

Randy Redinger and I talk more about this in the podcast.