Do you know what’s the best way to get rid of your competition? Doing things that nobody does… And sometimes, this means going against what’s perceived as common sense.

For example…

Let’s say you have a weed control business, helping homeowners keep their lawns green and weed-free. And let’s say you’re just starting out and want to get some new clients onboard. Now, the most obvious thing you could do is to copy what everyone else is doing. So you don’t reinvent the wheel, right?

And what does every weed-control business owner do to get clients?


They all go around knocking on doors at the start of the season! And they all offer the exact same thing: A free first treatment. Now, here’s the problem with that… You’re competing with EVERYBODY. What’s worse, the homeowners don’t know you anymore than they know all these other people. So they will choose somebody based on the price or the special offer. Which is a lottery. And the winning ticket is to be at the right place and time.

But what if…

Instead of competing with everyone in the spring… What if you offer the same free, no-obligation treatment in the fall, at the end of the season? When there’s ZERO competition around? Especially if the end-of-season treatment will benefit the homeowner in the spring.

Think about it. You get to meet all these homeowners who want their lawns treated. You’re the only one they can talk to and help set them up for a great spring.

But wait. It gets better…

Fast forward to the beginning of the new season, when every other weed control business starts knocking on their doors again… You know what they’ll say? “No thanks, I already got a guy.” Because if they pay somebody to do their weeds, they will pay you.

Do you know why? Because now, you’re the guy they know, like and trust. You were the one who treated their lawns back in the fall. And when it comes to your competitive advantage…

Nothing beats being the person your prospects already know, like and trust.

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