I have two front-ends driving most of what I do: My free offer for the Email Mastery book and the free book offer for the 90-Minute Book. And the reason for that is simple: It works. Look, I’ve said it a million times before, and at the risk of sounding redundant, I’ll say it once more. The best-performing lead generator (Profit Activator Two) you could have is a book that immediately calls out to your ideal audience.

But here’s the thing

Most people who decide to write a book, especially if it’s intended to be used as a lead magnet, go down the wrong path. They think they need to spend months or even years writing that perfect treatise. However, that’s kind of a waste of time. And you know why? Because the reality is… It doesn’t matter how many pages your book has. And it doesn’t really matter how long it took you to write it…or how detailed and comprehensive it is… or how masterfully worded the third paragraph of chapter two was…

NONE of that makes any impact on people’s decision to give you their emails and download your book. But you know what does matter?

The title of your book.

A good title lets everyone know immediately what you’re talking about. It’s clear. It’s concise. And people who resonate with that philosophy will pay attention. In other words, a great book title attracts people who are your ideal prospects. And that’s exactly what you want.

For example, if you’re Dave Ramsey and you have a book titled “Financial Peace”… (which he does)… you know that whoever is in financial turmoil and comes across that book… they’re going to immediately lower their blood pressure just by touching the cover of that book.

Another example is Ari Meisel’s book “Less Doing, More Living”. Again, people who are stressed and very busy and see a title like that, they cannot NOT but get drawn to it. They feel calm and relieved because it gets to the very core of what it is that they really want.

Yes, a title that resonates can be THAT powerful.

Getting the title of your book right is much more important than getting the book perfect. Or hitting those 250 pages… or… saying every last word you think it needs to be said about your topic, Your book is a tool. It’s the magnet attracting the right prospects into your world. But it’s not the content that gives that magnet its power.

The secret is all in its title.

For more on titles, and how to make them more compelling, head over to the podcast.