Have you noticed: whenever you have a product that can potentially help everybody everywhere

Do you find yourself doing a lot of education too soon? And by “too soon,” I mean; outside your Profit Activator 3?

And have you noticed that whenever you do that, you end up having an extremely hard time convincing people to raise their hands? It’s a very difficult thing to convince somebody of anything, let alone trying to do it “in general”, without knowing who you are convincing.

When your product really is “for everybody everywhere”, then it is up to you to come up with some artificial constraints to help you identify people. Profit Activator 1 – selecting a single target market – helps you with that. It creates those constraints for you.


Simple. It forces you to think about your product in terms of the end result: Not what it is or what it does. But rather, what is the most dramatic and transformational result your prospect can get if they use it!

Here’s one concrete example:

Luba Winter has this really cool device that does all sorts of great things to your skin when you rub it on your face. It literally is a nonsurgical facelift. It’s a flat, round object made of stainless steel. It’s got red and blue LED lights with ultrasound and galvanic waves… it stimulates elastin and collagen, kills bacteria, plumps the skin, removes wrinkles… In one word, it’s amazing. Instant appeal to a lot of people everywhere, right?

Well… yes and no.

Sure, you can market it and sell it as a general beauty device (which it is), but… because of its novel and technical nature, you have to educate and convince prospects before they even understand what it does. So you end up spending your resources and doing all this educational work upfront… before anybody even says they are interested in it.

That’s a wasteful way of doing marketing. But when you look at the device through the lenses of Profit Activator 1… and think about transformational results… you will notice something interesting: You’ll notice that among all the things it can do, the fact that it kills bacteria and gets rid of the impurities in your skin… making it the best tool for treating adult acne!

Now THAT is quite a dramatic and transformational result, don’t you think? If you are suffering from acne… and you hear about this incredible device that can potentially cure it… wouldn’t you immediately want to know more about it? I bet you would. And so would I!

I often talk about separating the compelling from the convincing, and this is exactly what I mean by that. Instead of offering educational material and explaining all the facts about Luba’s device (the convincing part) before we even know who’s listening… we offer a book called The Adult Acne Cure (Notice how compelling this is!) to compel the right people to raise their hand.

Because we focus on transformational results, we get better conversion rates when we run Facebook ads to get people to download the book. And here’s the thing: We still need to educate people about the device… and convince them to try it. But we only start the conversation with prospects who are _already interested in hearing about it!_

The lesson for you? Before you start marketing anything, ask yourself, “What is the one visible and most dramatic transformational difference my product makes for people?” And then build your marketing around that.

Compelling before convincing.

Are you convinced yet? 😉