It’s always fun when we crown a new mayor of a category… And if you’ve been listening to More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast for a while, you can witness it happen quite often. Because the reality is, no one is stopping you from declaring yourself the “mayor” of your niche. That’s the fun part about having your own business: You can self-appoint yourself. (Tongue-twister alert!)

You don’t have to wait for somebody to do that for you. You can just take the position and run with it. Have you been in business for a while? Can you provide results and value to the members of your community? Perfect! You’ve got what it takes to become the next mayor of your ecosystem.

But there’s a catch

Before you can attend your “coronation ceremony,” you have to expand your thinking a little… Start by looking at your whole ecosystem and watch for opportunities where you can align with other businesses in your space. You know, businesses that are trying to reach the same people as you do. Then ask yourself, “What are my customers using my products for?” Think beyond your product or service as a commodity and look at the purpose of what people are doing with it.

And when you shift and expand your thinking like that… You’ll start seeing new ways to get the attention of people who are your ideal prospects… even if they’re not overtly looking for what you’re selling right now… so that when they do, you’re the only obvious choice. In other words, your biggest opportunity is to figure out ways to be on people’s minds… right at the moment when they decide it’s time to buy! That’s really the basis of it all.

You know, the only real “trick” of great marketing is to be on people’s minds when it’s time to buy. And if you’re the mayor, that prime position is yours by default. But luckily for you, the waiting list for the new mayor of your category is empty. So the real question is…

Are you ready for your coronation ceremony? 😉

If not? head over to the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers podcast to learn more.