One classic example of “expense-based” marketing is the launch model. Here, your Profit Activator 2 is your JV partner. You rely heavily on them to push prospects into your Profit Activator 3, where you educate and motivate them over videos. After that, you make your offer and…. That’s it. Who’s in is in, and who’s out is out.

Your whole Before Unit and all your efforts are compressed into this short two-week window. Once the launch is over, you “rest” for a year… and then start the whole push again. And the only thing you’re measuring is….” We sent this much traffic, and we made this much money.”

The problem with this model is…

Your launch partners (and everyone else) are conditioned to think about the immediate returns.

How much am I going to make to promote your thing today?”

That’s the way they look at it.

Because if they mail your thing today, they can’t send somebody else’s. This means everyone’s focused on selling as many high-ticket products as possible. And prospects that don’t buy immediately are considered “bad leads.”

But here’s the thing…

Your list of leads is an asset that appreciates over time. It’s your capital investment. So instead of having these launches where you bombard everyone for a short period… A much better approach is to be “always open.” If someone doesn’t buy right away? That doesn’t mean they don’t want it. It maybe just means they’re trying something else… or the time isn’t right for them… or the dates don’t work out… or they aren’t quite ready…, or they missed it for whatever reason.

And that’s okay. That’s your opportunity to be constantly available, saying… “Whenever you’re ready, here’s what I can help you with.” You’ll notice that by being always open… year after year.

Your asset’s yield becomes much higher than all the ROI you’ve made with your launches.

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