You hear people talking about how “email is dead” and how “nobody reads email anymore….” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just look around you… Notice how much we’re still attached to our emails? How much we’re checking it all the time? If anything… email is THE killer app. And it’s the most powerful tool you have in your marketing toolkit. They are still winning after all this time.

You know what? If you told me I could only use one thing, email would be the one I’d choose. Because only email allows you to be in a one-to-one dialogue with somebody. Since I’ve started sharing my 9-word email, I’ve been amazed at all the results people get. It’s common to see 25, 30 and 40% response rates!

I always joke and say that your mom gets a 100% open rate. Think about it… she never has any deliverability issues and doesn’t use any unique magic formula. Yet somehow, you always end up opening, reading and replying to ALL of her emails! And the reason for that is the principle these 9-word emails are based on.

Why’s that?

The whole “trick” of your mom’s email is… it’s PERSONAL to YOU. And that’s the same effect a 9-word email has on your prospects. It feels personal to THEM. The whole purpose of the email is to connect with your options.

To really be interested and care.

Even though your emails are received and read by thousands of people… you only speak to the person who’s reading them right now. And she doesn’t care she’s on the list; she doesn’t know any other people on that list, and she certainly doesn’t read it in a group, surrounded by other people.

You are the only person with any frame of reference for the list. And that’s

the one thing you need to stop thinking about. Forget about the whole list and

focus on that one prospect.

Because the thing is…

The more you avoid speaking to the forest… and hone in on the ability to talk to the individual trees, your individual prospects… making them feel like your email is personal only to them…

The more they will be compelled to respond…

And your results will skyrocket.

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