Too many business owners are hung up on the idea that their lead magnet book must be perfect.

And what they normally do is…

They spend weeks, months, even years writing. Pouring every single bit of knowledge they have into it… carefully editing… polishing every chapter, paragraph and sentence until it’s coming out of their ears.

But the truth is your book’s primary purpose is a Profit Activator 2 tool. And the only job a Profit Activator 2 has, is to get an invisible prospect to raise their hand and become a visible prospect. In other words, you need a book to reach the right people. People who are aspiring to do what you do… or people who look for solutions that you provide. And that’s it. You don’t care if they read it or not.

For example, I don’t expect people to read a single word of my Email Mastery book…

The moment they download it, that’s enough for me to know that this person is interested in using emails in their business. This means now I can start a conversation with them… In an ideal world, you could get a list of ‘People who are looking to get better at emails’… or… ‘People who are aspiring woodworkers’… or… ‘People who are thinking to buy a house in Winter Haven’… or whatever. But those lists don’t exist.

What happens is, in the real world, ‘People who are aspiring woodworkers’ are holed up in their garage in the evenings and on the weekends. They’re working on their masterpiece chair. They love woodwork, and they dream about how cool it would be if they could get paid for it…

And unfortunately, nobody has surveyed them yet and put them on a handy list for you to rent. But here’s the thing: Your book (or report) can do that job for you… All you need is a title that resonates with that prospect’s dream.


_The Six Figure Woodworker._

You need a title that lays out a promise, an aspiration, and a destination for them.

And here’s the important part, You don’t have to explain everything you know in the book. All you need to do is to conceptually introduce the idea of what it could take to be a Six Figure Woodworker. And it doesn’t matter if the book has 50 pages, 250 pages.

Because when that aspiring woodworker downloads it, they download the promise, And 80% of the job is done. Now you know who that person is, and you can start a relationship with them to go deeper and fulfill that promise.

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