In certain industries, emergencies are the most common way to get new clients. Think plumbers, electricians, roofers… or any other business that falls into the ‘household emergency’ category. And that’s because of the way we’re wired. Nobody’s looking for proactive action on anything unless there’s some compelling reason to do it.

For example

When was the last time you were thinking about your air conditioner? Probably never… until it breaks down. What about your water heater, your windows, or the roof? Let me guess when those things are fine and functional, you don’t even notice them.

And I’m willing to bet the only time you wish you had a locksmith’s number on your phone dial is when you’re locked out of your house. We’re all the same. Nobody’s excited about taking preemptive action to get a new air conditioner or a heating system in advance of needing it. There’s always the case of…

“ Let’s see, I could spend money on a new furnace that I don’t need right now or get this new big-screen TV. Hmmm…”

But the funny thing is when you look at the marketing in this category… Everyone’s running around screaming and trying to be the one people call right now. It’s a lottery. But here’s the thing. When you shift the mindset from being an emergency service and fighting for clients by screaming louder than everyone else…

When you start digging a well before you need it and establish yourself as ‘their guy’ before they need you… Then, getting new clients isn’t a lottery anymore. Because then, it doesn’t matter whose number people see first in Yellow Pages when they have a leak. They’re going to call YOU every time anyway; Because you’re the one they already know, like and trust 🙂

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