You wanna see something you can try right now that you can get results with today, and you’re gonna be amazed. I call this the amazing nine-word email that revives dead leads. And listen, if you’ve been in business for more than 90 days right now, you may be sitting on a gold mine just waiting for you to press send to collect it.

Here’s what I mean.

I based all this on a study that was done by a company that does inquiry handling on an enterprise level for all kinds of businesses. And what they found was when people inquire about something, meaning they ask for literature or ask for more information or inquire about anything, the odds are that over 50% of them are going to do something in that category within 18 months. And how they found that out as they did surveys. They would call people up, and we inquired about faucets, let’s say for a Kohler, and they would call them at 18 months later and say, Hey, you inquired about faucets.

Did you buy any faucets? And what they found was just over half of the people who inquired about anything, no matter what it was, would buy what it was they inquired about within 18 months, but only 15% of them would do it within the first 90 days. So here’s how to capitalize on your pool of people that you might have that have inquired or slipped through the cracks or came onto your list. And it’s a super easy thing.

All you need to do is send them an email, just put their name in the subject line or something general, something that is whatever the thing that they inquired about faucets. And then you send them an email just with these nine words and say, hi, Dean, are you still looking for faucets? Or are you still looking for a house in Georgetown? Or are you still planning a trip to Israel?

We had one guy who was a yacht broker send out a message that said, are you still looking for a yacht? And found a guy who bought a 120 million custom yacht. So that’s the amazing thing that can happen when you send this nine-word email. Now, the temptation that you’re gonna have is that you’re going to want to add more to it.

We want to solve the mystery for people. We want to do things where we’ll say, because if you are then here, here, here, or I know you were, or many of you were, but it’s about speaking to one person at a time, sending that email and just asking that simple question and saying nothing else. It’s that tension that makes people compelled to respond because there’s some magic in the words when you are saying to people, are you still looking for a house in Georgetown? That means that you know that at one point they were, and if they were and are, then they’re going to be compelled to reply back to you.

And you’d see every time people send this out, it’s amazing the response that they get. They were fascinated by this. people who have maybe fallen through the cracks that are revived. That’s why I started calling it the amazing nine-word email that revives dead leads. So try that. Those are the words. Just put their name or your topic in the subject line.

Send them are, Hey Dean, are you still looking for or still interested in or still planning on whatever it is? And tell me what happens if you want; I’ve got a free, that will give you subject lines and case studies and ideas on what to do once people respond. And you get, make sure and let me know how that works.